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CQB Bicycle Clinic

— 26/06/2014

June 17, was held the first ever CEPSA Chimie Bécancour (CQB) bicycle clinic. More than a quarter of scheduled employees jumped on their steel mount very early in the morning to come to work. It is in the Ceps'Active’s spirit program, which aims to encourage employees to stay active, that this invitation was extended.

Residents of the south shore who wanted to get a little closer, as well as those of the north shore, had the opportunity to park their vehicles in the parking lot of the Tourism Office of Bécancour. Employees were, as usual, encouraged to carpool to their departure location. Rendezvous was given at 6h30 for a group start. For this ramble of approximately 22 km, cyclists proudly wore CQB’s colours on their cycling jerseys.

Once at destination, a Laferté Bicycles professional technician awaited our intrepid cyclists to offer them a revision of their bike. In addition to adjusting brakes and gears, lubricating chain, adjusting bearings and wheels, valuable advices on posture and ergonomic were provided to them as well as an estimate of more extensive repairs required that could be performed ​​in store.

But that's not all! To encourage employees to continue commuting to work by bicycle throughout the summer, additional facilities will be installed shortly, such as a new bike rack and a covered shelter that will protect their bikes from weather hazards and sunlight.

In addition, those who wern’t scheduled to work on that day did not lose their chance to get a bike revision. Indeed, if they come to work by bike by the end of June, they will receive a voucher for a revision of their bike directly at a Laferté Bicycles store.

This day was a great success and will perhaps become an annual event for CQB employees.

Here are some of our brave cyclists!

In this picture: Richard Perron, Félix-Jérôme Perron, Luc Beaulieu, Guylaine Labrie, Sylvain Masse, Marc Tessier and Linda Caron.


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